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The company
BankCom Consulting was established in 2007 by two partners: Tibor Rácz and Tamás Harmat, aiming to utilise their technical/professional experience - built up over decades in the banking and the telecommunication sectors - in the framework of consultancy, in a broader area than before. Their personal experience convinced them that on the basis of their earlier successful professional careers and their mutually upheld and represented professional, business and ethical values they do have a place in an overcrowded consultancy market. One important factor influencing their decision was that during their previous careers on the customer's side they were permanently confronted by the limitations and shortcomings of the external consultants involved. The staff of BankCom Consulting successfully complete their assignments based on their comprehensive knowledge and experience accumulated in various fields and on different levels of the banking and the telecommunication business from developing comprehensive business strategies through designing sales/marketing campaigns and business CRM development to the management of business process reengineering (BPR) projects.